RPA Use Case for Automated Google Ads Monitoring

Over 80% of global businesses use Google Ads for marketing campaigns and for good reason -> 8:1 ROI.  However, proactively managing and monitoring campaign performance and budgets/spending can be a challenge ($2 – $7 PPC adds up fast).  RPA is here to help!

Part art and part science, Google Ads is not a platform where you can “set it and forget it.”  You need to proactively monitor your Ad campaigns for sudden surges in spending or slumps in CTR (clickthrough rate) or Impressions so that you can promptly pause and adjust ads not meeting ROI expectations or causing budget overruns.

Manually monitoring your ad campaigns once a day is time-consuming. However, checking on your ads hourly (especially new campaigns) is required to fully optimize ROI and minimize runaway PPC (pay per click) spending, a requirement far too labor-intensive.   Fortunately, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can be utilized to monitor Google Ad campaigns automatically and provide daily campaign performance reports to ensure you keep a close pulse on your overall PPC marketing program.

An RPA-enabled Google Ad monitoring process operates as follows:

  • On preset intervals (ex. every 15, 30, 60 minutes), a monitoring bot would automatically log into the Google Ad account and evaluate each active campaign against preconfigured performance thresholds.
  • If a campaign does not meet thresholds for performance (ex. low impressions, spend over budget, low clicks, etc.), the bot pauses the campaign and sends the ad owner an email (or SMS) notifying them of the issue(s) and the campaign pause status.
  • If the campaign owner would like to remove the pause, they would respond to the notification email with “resume,” and the bot would then sign into Google Ads and resume the paused campaign.
  • At a preset time each day, a reporting bot would retrieve selected data from the Google Ads (or Google Local Ads) portal and forward this information to the Marketing Team in an Excel spreadsheet and/or import the information into the client’s data warehouse.

As you can see, by leveraging RPA, the impossible (monitoring Google Ad campaigns every 15 minutes) is now possible; ensuring campaign budgets and performance are meeting expectations in the hyperfast-paced world of PPC advertising.

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