Automated Sales Commission

RPA Use Cases for Sales Commission Automation

Manual data entry and Excel are ubiquitous in the world of sales commissions.  However, per Forbes, an estimated 88% of spreadsheets contain mistakes.  These calculation errors combined with the time, effort, and complexity associated with the overall sales commission process equate to frustrated sales professionals.  As a critical, complex, and time-consuming process, calculating and tracking … Continue Reading

Customer Onboarding Use Case

RPA Use Cases for Customer Onboarding

Is your customer onboarding ROI upside down? Per Forrester, companies can spend up to $25K onboarding a single client, while Wyzeowl indicates 90% feel their vendors coul`tion can rapidly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer onboarding process, all while dramatically improving the customer experience.  The same Wyzowl study highlighting current onboarding challenges also … Continue Reading