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from Automation Projects


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Avg. Increase in Quality and Compliance after Automation


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What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent Automation (IA) combines Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with advanced technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to automate business processes and tasks that typically require human intelligence.

Intelligent Automation unites AI, machine learning, and automation capabilities to streamline and optimize business processes, decision-making, and repetitive tasks; providing any sized organization increased productivity, improved accuracy, decreased operating expenses, reduced operational risk, and empowered employees equipped to deliver improved customer experiences.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) forms the foundation for Intelligent Automation and utilizes the latest software technologies to automatically handle computer tasks that are highly structured, routine, and repetitive. For tasks that are largely driven by rules, schedules, or events, an RPA software robot can:

  • Understand what's on a screen
  • Complete the right keystrokes
  • Navigate systems
  • Identify and extract data
  • Perform a wide range of defined actions

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Benefits of Intelligent Automation and RPA

Accuracy and Governance

Robots are 100% accurate, 100% consistent and are always in compliance with organizational policies.

Utilization of Key Resources

Transitioning mundane tasks to robots provides your team more time for value-added activities.

Scalability and Flexibility

Easily scalable to very quickly address spikes or lulls in operational activity with little to no additional investment.

Return On Investment

Our Automation-as-a-Service
delivery model provides rapid ROI (weeks/months) via operating expense reduction.

Productivity and Efficiency

Robots are 5-20x faster than people on the same task, work 24/7/365, and 1 robot can do the work of 3-4 people.

Customer Satisfaction

Reducing employee busywork correlates to increased time available for attentive customer service.

Employee Job Satisfaction

Released from repetitive tasks, employees have more time to focus on rewarding "highest and best use" activities.

Operational Insight and Analytics

Improve processes and performance by leveraging greater visibility to operations data and activity metrics.

Typical Automation Use Cases by Functional Area

Automation Use Case Examples

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With LakeTurn Automation, you simply provide our AI & Automation experts your process opportunities and we'll manage all facets of designing, building, deploying, and supporting custom intelligent automation solutions for your business. We provide a unique Automation-as-a-Service(AaaS) delivery model that removes the cost and complexity barriers that have historically prohibited small and medium-sized businesses from realizing the immense benefits of AI-powered digital process automation. Unlike traditional Intelligent Automation deployments, our automation solutions do not require your organization to acquire expensive automation software, AI expertise, internal bot development skills, or per-bot deployment licenses. Our simple multi-tiered solution structure grows with you and delivers rapid, affordable, robust, and scalable turn-key automation for any sized business.




In our Digital Discovery Phase, we partner with your team to identify automation targets. This work can include a Strategic AI & Automation Roadmap where we perform a holistic assessment of your current business processes to identify prime targets for optimization/intelligent automation and highlight gaps limiting future digitization success.


Utilizing requirements obtained during the Discovery phase, we execute our structured development process (Analyze, Design, Build, Test) to construct the automation components required for the targeted workflow. Your team is engaged throughout this process via design review sessions and recurring project meetings.


After user acceptance testing, we deploy the AI-powered robot(s) in your production environment. Once an automation is live, we provide ongoing support, maintenance, and monitoring to help ensure targeted business value is realized from the new workflow. Additionally, we guide you on creating strategy, change management, and governance SOPs.


Starter (PoC)
Gateway to IA
  • Single Workflow Analysis
  • Single Automation Deployment
  • Online Support
  • Basic Team Portal
  • Department Discovery Audit
  • Deploy Multiple Automations
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Team Portal + Project Portal
  • Automation Monitoring
  • Monthly Process Activity Report
  • Multi-Area Discovery Audit
  • Deploy Multiple Automations
  • Helpdesk Support
  • Team Portals + Project Portals
  • Automatinon Monitoring & Alerts
  • Monthly Process Activity Reports
  • Solution Portal
  • Individual SME Training
  • Full Discovery Audit & Strategy
  • Deploy Multiple Automations
  • Dedicated Helpdesk Support
  • Team/Org. Portals + Projects
  • Automation Monitor Auto-Alerts
  • Org. Process Activity Dashboard
  • Enterprise Solution Portal
  • Team Training & Development
  • Solution Architect Access
  • Hyperautomation Guidance

Client Testimonials

  • The team was exceptional and beyond our experience with other firms. I am extremely impressed with LakeTurn Automation.

    Finance Lead – Top 10 Specialty Retailer
  • Our intelligent automation solution provided a significant reduction in labor, processing time and manual errors. We are very pleased with LakeTurn Automation's development, implementation and results.

    COO – Manufacturer of Marketing Materials
  • LakeTurn Automation is exceptional to work with. Our intelligent automation was delivered on time and saves us several days of manual work per month. We are very satisfied with our partnership and ongoing support.

    Accounting Lead – Consumer Retail
  • I was thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of LakeTurn Automation. They quickly provided us with an effective custom automation solution that resulted in a significant ROI for our business. I highly recommend their services.

    CEO – Top 75 US Accounting Firm
  • LakeTurn Automation is truly committed to completing the task and honoring commitments. Their team is flexible and trustworthy, always willing to go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results. They overcame unexpected challenges with integrity and stuck with it until the end. I highly recommend LakeTurn Automation for anyone looking for custom Intelligent Automation solutions.

    Founder – Tax Pro Platform
  • Laketurn is a critical partner in our analytics business. The RPA technology provides our team with the capability to connect with and extract data from any system, giving us our competitive edge in custom analytics.

    COO – Tech-Forward Data Analytics Provider

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Intelligent Automation for the Masses

LakeTurn Automation is a professional services firm providing custom AI-Powered Intelligent Automation Solutions to the SME market segment.

Utilizing our structured Automation-as-a-Service value chain process, deep automation knowledge, and leveraging our advanced technology stack & AI capabilities, we deliver rapid, affordable, robust, and scalable turn-key automation solutions; accelerating ROI while reducing complexity and total cost of ownership for our clients.

With LakeTurn Automation, the express lane to digital transformation isn't restricted to Fortune 500 traffic.


Helping Others Succeed

To support our ongoing mission to help others and assist our clients in sustaining their preferred causes, we created Bots for a Better World. Think of it as a charitable giving program for your robotic work team.


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