RPA Use Case for Automated CAN-SPAM Compliance (Email Opt-Out Mgmt.)

Close to 9 in 10 marketers use email to share content, and it shows.  Over 319 billion business and consumer emails are sent and received per day.  Per the CAN-SPAM Act, this high outreach equates to high risk, as opt-out errors are subject to up to $16K fines per individual email.  RPA can help.

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 is a law that sets the rules and regulations for all commercial email. It gives the right for users to opt-out and unsubscribe from emails at any time.  Non-compliance or violations of this act (including sending email to an address that has unsubscribed) result in heavy fines and penalties – up to $16,000 per individual non-compliant email sent.  Not to mention the significant brand reputation erosion caused by ongoing post-opt-out email communication.

Further complicating the email opt-out process is the significant utilization of non-integrated cloud-based software (the average company uses an astounding 254 separate SaaS applications).   How do you ensure opt-outs are in sync across your many disparate software solutions?  Fortunately, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can automate the synchronization of email opt-outs across your platforms.

An RPA-enabled, fully automated unsubscribe system operates as follows:

  • Monitor for Unsubscribes: Utilizing Zapier Marketing Tool triggers combined with RPA webhooks and/or a custom RPA bot that monitors email inboxes or in-house applications, timely automated trapping of unsubscribes is ensured 24/7/365.    
  • Synchronizing the Unsubscribes: Once an unsubscribe is trapped, a custom RPA synchronization bot will be executed that ensures the unsubscribe is updated in all applicable systems (ex., Marketing Automation, Promotion, Sales/CRM, ERP, home-grown Legacy apps, Email Groups, etc.).  
  • Recording and Reporting: After synchronizing the unsubscribe across all platforms, the bot will update an audit database and then send an automated opt-out notification report via email to designated parties; providing insight into opt-out volumes and actionable marketing data on the specific sources of unsubscribes.

As you can see, RPA can quickly eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone process of manually synchronizing unsubscribes across platforms.  Automating opt-outs ensures you remain the brand your customers love and removes the compliance penalty exposure associated with poor unsubscribe management.

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