AI-Enabled Intelligent Automation for Monitoring Customer Social Media Reviews

Per a study by marketing research firm Invesp, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, and 86% will hesitate to purchase if they see negative feedback. Your business’s online reputation is one of its most important marketing assets, and it demands prompt and proactive monitoring to keep it protected.  Using ChatGPT-powered Intelligent Automation, you can automatically monitor online customer reviews and promptly address negative consumer feedback.

Our Intelligent Automation tool can monitor feedback on almost any social media channel. However, from an overview standpoint, let’s illustrate how the automation functions on the #1 consumer review site: Google Online Reviews.

The ChatGPT-enabled Google Reviews automation operates as follows:

  • The bot signs into the designated Google Business profile at a predetermined schedule (hourly, daily, weekly, etc.) and searches for new reviews.
  • The bot compiles any new Google reviews into an Excel spreadsheet and then sends the content of each customer review to ChatGPT for an AI assessment.
  • After reviewing the customer feedback, ChatGPT will return the following information, which is placed in the spreadsheet.
    • Overall Review Tone (Positive or Negative)
    • Tone Score (1-10) 10 = very positive / 1 = very negative
    • Summary of the review content and customer intent
    • ChatGPT’s suggested reply to the comment
  • After all new comments are processed as outlined above, the bot saves the new comment spreadsheet to a shared drive and sends a notification e-mail to the designated person(s). A text message notification is also sent if the bot encounters new negative reviews.
  • The internal process owner reviews the spreadsheet comments and accepts or modifies the ChatGPT reply suggestions so that the bot can respond to the customer.
  • During its subsequent search for new reviews, the bot will use the spreadsheet data to reply to the customer as indicated by the business process owner.
  • After replying, the bot continues the cycle above as each new review is encountered.

To protect your Company’s brand (and sales revenue), a business must promptly respond to negative reviews, as Insep research shows every poor review can cost a company 30+ customers.  Using AI-enabled Intelligent Automation, businesses can automatically monitor social media channels for negative reviews requiring critical, timely feedback.

Online Review Management is just one example of how Intelligent Automation can automate and streamline back-office functions in Finance, HR, Operations, Customer Service, and Supply Chain.  Contact us today to learn more about leveraging AI and RPA to digitally transform your antiquated and overtaxed business processes and systems.