HR Forms Automation

RPA Use Cases for HR Forms Automation

Paper is emblematic of back-office HR processes, and it’s expensive.  Per a 2022 Sapling study, 58% of organizations say their onboarding process is focused on Processes and Paperwork.  While CareerBuilder research indicates that paper-based candidate workflows result in 40%+ of HR Managers spending 3+ hours manually onboarding an employee, and 16% spending 5+ hours.  There … Continue Reading

Automated Sales Commission

RPA Use Cases for Sales Commission Automation

Manual data entry and Excel are ubiquitous in the world of sales commissions.  However, per Forbes, an estimated 88% of spreadsheets contain mistakes.  These calculation errors combined with the time, effort, and complexity associated with the overall sales commission process equate to frustrated sales professionals.  As a critical, complex, and time-consuming process, calculating and tracking … Continue Reading

Data Migration Use Case

RPA Use Cases for Data Migration

Often overlooked, the unexpected effort required to migrate your existing data into a new software platform can lead to cost overruns and missed “go live” dates. A study by Bloor Research indicates that the failure rate for data migration projects is 38%. Utilizing RPA, you can expedite your transition to a new system while minimizing … Continue Reading

Bot Example - SaaS User Management

RPA Use Cases for SaaS User Management

Per a recent study by Productiv, Inc., the avgerage SME has an astonishing 254 separate SaaS applications deployed (with enterprises averaging 364 apps).  Whether your company has 25 or 250 SaaS applications, account management, provisioning, and, deprovisioning is a significant challenge for IT teams. Fortunately, RPA is here to help! Leveraging Robotic Process Automation (RPA), … Continue Reading

Bank recon

RPA Use Cases for Bank Reconciliation

Per an E&Y study, 59% of a financial department’s resources are spent managing transaction-intensive processes.  And around 95% of this effort is wasted on transactions that already match.  RPA can reduce reconciliation effort by 90%+ by allowing your accounting team to focus only on the transactions that don’t match. Deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to … Continue Reading